Giving Tuesday &
The Winter Walk

This year, we will be participating in Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving back. Following Thanksgiving, on Tuesday November 28th, people around the world give the gift of their time, their donations, and their voices to support a cause close to their hearts.

This Giving Tuesday, we celebrate the work of our partner organizations who serve the homeless community in Boston 24/7, 365. On this special day of giving, our goal is to raise $7,549 dollars. Why $7,549? Because on a single night, 7,549 individuals, on their own or as part of a family, were homeless in Boston according to the Annual Census. 

We hope you will share our Giving Tuesday effort with your community. It is a wonderful time to encourage people to register to walk, to support you or your team, or to make a gift. Mark your calendars and spread the word, we've got just one day left until one historic day of giving. Let's do this!