Our Impact

In February 2017 we launched Boston's inaugural Winter Walk and made strides to end homelessness.


On a frigid New England day, nearly 1000 people participated in a 2-mile march through Boston to end homelessness. The Winter Walk raises awareness and funds for some of Boston's non-profit organizations working to alleviate suffering and address the root causes that give rise to homelessness. 

After our founding in the fall of 2016, and with only a short time to prepare for the winter ahead, we gathered a community of civic minded citizens to come together for this important initiative. Shoulder to shoulder, housed and unhoused, we came together to walk, share a meal, and hear real stories of challenge, dignity, and hope from our homeless community.  

The Winter Walk raised $100,000 in its first year, and close to $140,000 each of its second and third years, from those who walked and donated. 100% of event proceeds went directly to partner organizations and critical programs serving our homeless community.  

The Walk aims to continue this success in this, our fourth year, and grow our partnerships and impact. We need you as partner in this, and hope you will join us on the journey ahead.

Want to learn more about some of the issues surrounding homelessness in our city, state, and country? Visit our resource page here, or contact us at info@winterwalkboston.org with any questions and we will help get you the info you are seeking, as well as connect you to service providers in Greater Boston who can share more and provide opportunities for more engagement.